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Welcome to the Locksmith Appel - your traditional company!

We are an owner-managed locksmith who works with state-of-the-art technology.

And yet values ​​from traditional craftsmanship are of great importance to us. For this reason, we make your order individually according to your wishes; high-quality, on time, with a not to leave despicable advice - and that at fair prices.
Are you looking for individual metal construction solutions, inexpensive and quality-oriented?

For us, the customer and the material-oriented implementation of his wishes are in the foreground!

Take a look at our gallery. We show you convincing work from our work area. Apart from constructive metal construction solutions, we also offer the production of standard parts, mainly welding technology.

Here you will find all typical locksmith work such as balcony railings, bars, banisters, gates, high-quality ironwork and metalwork.

Whenever something very individual and special is to be created, a professional and creative masterpiece, the traditional skills and abilities of the locksmith are in demand.

Metal construction deals with the processing of metals as well as their combination with non-metals. The bond with plastics and glass is part of structural engineering, such as window construction, conservatories and railing systems.

Regardless of whether it is about the production of a classic blacksmithing product, such as grave crosses, metal sculptures, railing elements, candle holders or hangers in the "antique look" for tradition-bound guest and restoration companies, it is always a matter of absolute trust. Over the past decades, we have worked hard for your trust through expert and understandable advice and the processing of your wishes that meets your specifications.

The classic craft smithy, as it used to be in almost every village, has almost disappeared. Unless the village had its own smithy, the blacksmith's work was done by running smiths, a kind of forerunner of the forge. The most important equipment part was the forge, in which the glowing forging coal is brought to the forging of the workpiece by means of a bellows on the forging temperature. Above the fireplace is the chimney, which serves as a fume hood for smoke and sparks.

For the shaping of the workpiece are in the forge numerous tools available, the partly were made by the blacksmith himself. The anvil plays a central role here.

Especially in this area, it is not only on the mastery of the actual work techniques and a wealth of experience - but much more on the design skills, artistic empathy and a pronounced sense of shape of the blacksmith. Blacksmiths are no longer, as in the past, essentially responsible for "the rough", but also produce individual design solutions, expert restorations, elaborate art objects, high-quality shield arms, forged interior, grave crosses, forged exterior such as fence and gate, are only a small part of metal-creative work.
Ramp construction (wheelchair, goods transport, etc)

Regardless of whether it is a sidewalk edge, a stair landing, doorways with thresholds, height adjustment between levels, etc. With our tailor-made and standard-compliant ramps you will always drive safely, as side parts provide sufficient protection and flat slopes enable easy ascents and descents.   Weather resistance is very important to us. That's why we manufacture ramps in aluminum and only use non-rusting solid material for elements that are subject to higher loads, such as hinge pins, screw connections, etc. To ensure a high level of safety when driving on the ramps, the driving surface is made of non-slip materials such as corundum. Structured surfaces would also be conceivable. The edges of the ramps protect the wheelchair user from slipping. The drainage of rain or melt water is ensured by appropriate drainage options.   Railings are a.W. possible. The ends are bent downwards or sideways in accordance with standards.   The ramps are maintenance-free and their load capacity is tailored to the respective conditions. Intermediate platforms are possible. The gradient is tailored for universal applicability.   The ramps can be equipped with transport handles on request and, depending on the version, can be folded up or easily dismantled. Our portfolio includes ramps that can be adjusted in length, bridging height and incline. The lightweight construction enables energy-saving transport.   It is important for you to be able to use a suitable railing if necessary.   Our ramps are self-propelled and can therefore be safely navigated using arm strength alone.

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We are certified!

Since we are a certified company, we only process base materials with test certificates according to EN 1090.

The processing of steel, both as hot-rolled structural steel in accordance with EN 10025 and stainless steel according to EN 10088, has the greatest significance. The processing of aluminum in accordance with DIN 17611 is particularly important in window, façade and railing construction. The bond with plastics and glass is part of structural engineering, such as window construction, conservatories and railing systems.
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